Don’t underestimate the night. It is more vivid than you imagine. Anything can happen during the night. Anywhere.

NIGHT by the Portuguese company CIRCOLANDO is a contemporary dance performance, in which three artists and a DJ step into the darkness in search of new clarities amidst hundreds of tires.

This intensely physical and emotional dance questions our language and aesthetics, and digs into the ground of improvisation. Inspired by life in the outskirts of the city and the rules of the underground, CIRCOLANDO unexpectedly break into a dance in the middle of ruins and castaways.

Circolando is a transdisciplinary artistic company founded by André Braga and Cláudia Figueiredo in 1999. Their productions combine dance, circus, and theater, with strong input from other creation fields: poetry, visual arts, music, video. The creators’ initial affinity to circus lays within the name of the company. Today, what dominates in their works is the circle and the act of circulating – the choice to make our way in the frontier spaces.

The troupe is actively collaborating with some of most prestigious cultural structures in Portugal as well as with prominent artist from various fields. Their productions have been presented all over the world, including in Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Morocco, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, South Korea and China

Circolando is settled in the former power plant of Freixo, Porto, current functioning as Support Centre for the Creation of Cultural Enterprises (CACE Cultural do Porto). The company is also regularly hosting artistic creations residences and training programs in and out of doors.

The performance is not suitable for children under 16 years of age.

Limited seating is available at 15 BGN on