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September 21 – October 14

45 BGN

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September 21 (Friday)

19:30 – 20:30

10, 20 or 30 BGN

This is the newest fierce and powerful piece in the portfolio of Omar Rajeh. #minaret is a performance with a rebellious spirit against the destroying of ancient cities and human lives, of historical achievements and cultures. Can we stop the war? Can we act, resist ‘numbing’, or have we become accustomed to the everyday dark news reports from this troubled region?

September 28 (Friday)
September 29 (Saturday)

19:30 – 21:00

25, 30 or 40 BGN

THE GREAT TAMER displays the idea that human life can be seen as a journey of discovery, an exploration for hidden treasure, an inner archaeological excavation for meaning. For nearly 3 decades, Dimitris Papaioannou has been staging new worlds described as a dreamlike absurd circus. Human bodies become battlegrounds, interacting with raw materials, fusing into hybrids, giving rise to optical illusions that make his work outstanding.

Parental Guidance: this performance may be inappropriate for children under 14.

October 06 (Saturday)

19:30 – 20:20

10 BGN

ATMA is a demonstration of the human race’s behavior towards its environment, along with the painful reality of humans exploiting the Earth. ATMA is an invitation to listen to our internal voice.

October 12 (Friday)

19:30 – 20:40

10 BGN

AURA Dance Theatre and famous Lithuanian choreographer Birutė Letukaitė reflect on „godos” through recreating popular myths and legends from the Baltic country. What is hiding in the fur of a bewitched werewolf? What spells do contemporary hags use? Who brings the luck if we don’t believe in brownies anymore?

GODOS is in 2 parts with an intermission.

October 13 (Saturday)

19:30 – 20:30

10 BGN

The characters of GAME OVER jump from one “game” level to another, provoking the viewer’s imagination through dance, visual effects, live music and the enchanted blue sweater from the story of the emblematic Argentinian author Julio Cortázar. The Lithuanian collective behind the performance, LOW AIR, is a city dance theater company representing the young artistic generation of the country. GAME OVER brought to LOW AIR a Golden Stage Cross award for Best Dance Piece of the Year for 2016 and Best Choreographic Work Award from the Lithuanian contemporary dance association.

October 14 (Sunday)

17:30 – 18:30

10 BGN

What does a contemporary dance piece consist of? What does it talk about? Which objects are necessary and which are optional? Does the audience understand what it is all about? Do we need to explain the meaning of the piece to them? The piece won the Golden Stage Cross as Performing Arts Phenomenon of the year for 2013.


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